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Climate change or Apocalypse now

I am worried. I am worried about this. I catch myself planning my life as I always have, thinking that I am going to live to 110 years old or more because my DNA is long lived down through the ages! (dust-flicking motion of hand to shoulder to show I know I have swag!) What? Longevity is a badge of honour people! Get with the program! Any way......this is a huge mind shift to endeavour to pull off----not going to live to one hundred even because humanity is killing the planet or ourselves so we've figured out we have 12 to 30 years left of life as we know it. Then it's going to be EXTRA hard to survive---that is if you didn't already think the extreme weather patterns weren't already hard enough!! Add to that, no help is coming, there is no government or municipal support, what?!? And starvation and murder and shelter and murder. How long will civilization last? It's bad, people. And it's BAD PEOPLE.

Bad people and money. It all comes down to money. We're raping the planet for money and money right now!! Who gives a fuck about the future as long as we have money right now! To buy shit and to think that will make us happy. And there is a whole system built up to support that idea, that things or someone or both will make us happy. Nope.

And this is not a new message or a new warning to ourselves; we've had thinkers thinking about what we are doing to ourselves and our planet because of the choices that we make, all down through the ages.....observers, people who tend to think longer term, saying, 'you know, this might not be a good idea...' Prophets, musicians, hermits, artists, philosophers, doctors, scientists...….all in no particular order of merit......and all with their darker counterparts who have been bewitched by the allure of money or grandeur and "see" the same facts but interpret them in order to support their view of the universe....that money will make them happy and their offspring will just have to be strong in the face of adversity. ??? That's deluded. That's psychopathic. Yin/yang again!

Yin/yang. Does that mean that the course of life is creation/chaos?? Can I take comfort in the fact that that Earth's possible demise is just part of the grand scheme?? That it was always going to be? Except, even in my lifetime I believe that there have been a few of these moments in history already---I was a teen when many of us were worried about nuclear annihilation. It felt real and possible at that time. I had no concept of age or time at that moment so it seemed quite probable. And look at the films and literature of that time and this time....there is a lot of apocalyptic fiction out there right now, and back then, and back even further (biblical, mythological). Right now there is a lot of zombie talk, lots of pockets of humanity trying to do the right thing against a monolithic social organization that doesn't serve the people but only serves the few. WE are there now people!

Do I take comfort in the fact that we have been down this road before except that every new path has increased repercussions that perhaps make this time the penultimate time?!? This time its for real? This time we're really going to end ourselves? Is this how evolution works? Every advancement has a catastrophic ending or a catastrophic beginning? How many time-lines are there? Do we survive in one or many of them?

I know we do. And I know we don't. I just don't know which one I'm in at present. And does it matter if I don't know? Because nature and the universe are pure and they will go on even if 'we' don't. Life will keep on creating and destroying. It's like an ongoing, incredible art performance piece or like a kaleidoscope of lives/light/energy.

Boyo, I do sound high! I can happily contemplate the end of life as I know it while high because it has a certain beauty and logic to it that I can't condemn even though it points out my own demise. And I can't even seem to get my blog published yet, in a way that really means I am reaching out to anyone, because I can't seem to jump through the hoops (read: more $$) to get myself out there! I need to pay for this level to get these benefits and I need to pay for this extra-plus level that will get me one step closer to the step I thought I was already paying for. WTF??

Pay for this Pay for that. Come on. It's too much. How rich do you have to be?? So that your last moments before the apocalypse are swaddled in every comfort imaginable or that your last moments have you knowing that you were king/queen of the mountain in the very end??? When is enough, enough?

So I am worried. But what can I do about it? Keep living with as positive an outlook as possible, protect my child and allow her freedoms that step outside the norms (like not having to go to school every day when she has anxiety about the bullies at school). Life is short and it may be even shorter now because of climate change, but in the time we have left, I'm going to make sure my child and I have a stress-lowered (if not -free) time on earth. I refuse to adhere to age-old precepts of what is acceptable and not. I go by my gut of what is 'right' and of what is a choice made with love and nurturing. I want to grow life and create joy/love. I want our final moments, if they are our final moments, to be happy ones and with less regrets, living life as fully as we could with what we had.

The planet will live on, even if 'we' (humanity) don't. I wish or hope that plant life and animal life will continue as it is before 'we' threatened it but unfortunately I think that that 'life' will also change and die out or adapt but therefore, not be the same beauty that I knew---it will be a new beauty, something more. It makes me sad to think we have annihilated entire species as we have fumbled and plundered around this planet---but I enjoy the admiration I feel in the face of nature's ability to thrive and survive, beyond the blip of our existence. Amen.

P.S. Please let the elephants and polar bears and rhinos survive! Please! Please! Please! :) (and everything else that is pure and meaningful flora/fauna!! cross my fingers.....)


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